Personalised Poetry
So here's a bit about my business.
I'll not bore you with the waffle.
I have a priceless set of skills,
But I can't flog them by the bottle.
Some things, should be personal.
There's too much manufactured.
Too much stenciled out, for cash.
Our moment's rarely captured.
I'll hit the bull's-eye every time.
The nail, right on the head.
I'll not write one empty rhyme.
I'll relate, to what you've said.
From questionnaires which you complete,
Recipients swept off their feet.
With details, only you could know,
As close to home as you could go.
"On business trips you'd take me.
It's crazy, what I saw.
The impact that you had,
With everyone, in awe."
Theme - Thank you
"Attention loving nutter!
I'd kill to pamper one more time.
Loved a cuppa', lived in clutter.
Tobacco rolled, and whisky - dry."
Theme - Bereavement
"You are my world, my baby boy.
How you've grown in seven months.
You are my little fatty fudge.
The cutest of all little chunks."
Theme - New Baby
"We'd smoke up the room, and then came the ban
The numbers decreased, and then came the plans.
A historical building, to rubble and dust
A supermarket appears, we sadly adjust"
Theme – Other (Earl of Crewe)
£49 for a custom poem
You'll own the rhyme I write for you.
Forever yours to keep.
Humour, love, life or death.
It can be fun or something deep.
Untangle what's been on your mind,
Release a burden from your chest
Type, and let me make it rhyme.
Just open up, I'll do the rest.
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